Away We Go : Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of campsite should I book?

We recommend a 15 or 30 amp site for a tent trailer and a 30 amp site for a travel trailer. Water & sewer service is recommended for a travel trailer stay in excess of 3 nights, depending on water usage.

What if I can't find a site with power?

If you're in a tent trailer and don't expect the temperatures to drop too drastically, meaning you won't need the furnace, you can dry camp (no power) for a week. Lights and water pump will run off the 12V battery. The fridge, stove and BBQ will run on propane.

In a travel trailer, don't expect to be able to use the air conditioner, microwave or electrical outlets. You'll have to use the 12V features sparingly.

Or... You can buy, borrow or rent a 3000W camping style generator. Don't use a construction (motor exposed) style generator as it will be very loud. near Sherwood Park rents a popular Honda model for $210+GST for a week. Here's a good video on choosing a generator: How to Buy a Generator

Depending on how much start wattage the generator has, it may not be able to start the air conditioner, which requires 8000 start wattage.

What's included with the trailer?

All trailers come with wheel chaulks, spare tire, lug wrench, wrench, hammer, screwdriver, pliers, level, air pressure gauge, 2x6's (for stab jacks, dolly jack & leveling), 15 amp / 120V power adapter for the 30 amp trailer plug, water pressure regulator, 25' fresh water hose, hitch lock and key, trailer door key, ground mat, broom, dust pan and clean sheets.

The Viking and Summerland come with a small garbage can, RV toilet paper, black tank chemical and sewer hose.

All the supplies in the Kitchen Kit except a coffee maker are included with the Viking and Summerland. You can add the Kitchen Kit to a Freedom rental for $60.

The Freedom comes with a BBQ that connects to the trailer propane via quick connect. A lighter is included with the Freedom as well.

The Viking and Summerland do not come with a BBQ. There is a high pressure propane connection on the Epic and Summerland so that you can plug in a Coleman style BBQ and use the propane supplied with the trailer instead of one pound cylinders.

What should I bring?

A cordless drill with a 3/4" drive socket will make putting your stabilizer jacks up and down a breeze.

Everything in our Kitchen Kit (unless included) and pillows, blankets/sleeping bags, towels, flashlight, personal toiletries, dish cloths, tea towel, paper towels, chairs, garbage bags, clothing, fun stuff to do!

What power sources do the appliances in the trailer use?

Keep in mind the air conditioner will require up to 8000W to start. It runs at 3000W once started. Another good resource: Basic RV Electricity